Top 5 Best Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair: Ultimate Guide for Pet Owners

by Kathy hensley

If you are a proud pet owner, you know how much joy and love furry friends bring into our lives. However, along with their companionship, pets often leave behind a trail of hair that can be challenging to clean, especially if you have multiple pets or allergies. Enter the solution to your pet hair woes – robot vacuums specially designed to tackle the pet hair problem efficiently. In this article, we will explore the best robot vacuums for pet hair, their features, and why they are worth considering for any pet-loving household.

Why Choose a Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair?

Cleaning up pet hair can be a time-consuming and exhausting task. A robot vacuum takes the burden off your shoulders by automatically navigating through your home and picking up pet hair along the way. You can schedule cleaning sessions, and some models even offer smart home integration, allowing you to control them using voice commands.

ECOVACS Deebot N8 Pro+ Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner - up to 60-Day Self Cleaning, Laser Navigation, Obstacle Avoidance, Multi-Floor Mapping, 2600Pa Suction, Alexa Compatible

ECOVACS Deebot N8 Pro+ Robot Vacuum and Mop: Advanced Cleaning with Self-Emptying and Laser Navigation

Introducing the ECOVACS Deebot N8 Pro+ Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner, a revolutionary cleaning solution that combines cutting-edge technology with convenience. With over 500,000 satisfied users, the Deebot N8 Pro+ has been recognized as a standout choice in the Better Homes and Gardens Clean House Awards 2022.

Say goodbye to the hassle of daily cleaning with the 30-Day Hands-Free Cleaning feature. Equipped with a self-emptying station, this robot vacuum automatically empties its dustbin after each cleaning session. The disposable dust bag in the station can hold up to months’ worth of dirt and debris, ensuring uninterrupted performance. As a bonus, the package includes 1 spare dust bag for your convenience.

The Deebot N8 Pro+ takes cleaning to the next level by offering both vacuuming and OZMO mopping in one go. Its intelligent design allows it to avoid carpets while mopping hard floors and increase suction power when vacuuming carpets, ensuring thorough cleaning on all surfaces.

Experience superior cleaning performance with the Deebot N8 Pro+’s impressive 2600Pa suction power. It effortlessly draws out dirt and dust from the hidden corners of your hard floors and carpets, all while maintaining energy efficiency and low noise levels for a peaceful environment.

Thanks to TrueDetect, a laser-based 3D technology, the N8 Pro+ can navigate your home with precision. It detects and avoids obstacles such as cables, slippers, and pet messes, minimizing the risk of getting stuck and ensuring a seamless cleaning experience.

Product Specifications:

  • Suction Power: 2600Pa
  • Self-Emptying: Yes, with disposable dust bag station
  • Cleaning Modes: Vacuuming and OZMO mopping
  • TrueDetect Technology: Laser-based 3D object detection and avoidance
  • Compatibility: Alexa compatible
  • Multi-Floor Mapping: Yes
  • Included: 1 spare dust bag


  • Self-emptying station for hands-free cleaning
  • Dual-functionality with vacuuming and mopping capabilities
  • Intelligent carpet detection and increased suction power
  • Powerful 2600Pa suction for thorough cleaning
  • TrueDetect technology prevents getting stuck


  • Higher initial investment compared to basic robot vacuums
  • Dust bag replacement required, though spare bag is included

Why People Buy It:

People choose the ECOVACS Deebot N8 Pro+ for its advanced features and unmatched convenience. The combination of self-emptying capability, dual cleaning modes, powerful suction, and obstacle avoidance technology makes it an all-in-one solution for a cleaner home. With the assurance of compatibility with Alexa and its recognition in the Better Homes and Gardens Clean House Awards, the Deebot N8 Pro+ stands as a trusted choice among homeowners.


The ECOVACS Deebot N8 Pro+ Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner represents a significant leap forward in home cleaning technology. Its self-emptying station, dual cleaning modes, and TrueDetect technology showcase its innovation, making it a top choice for those seeking an efficient and hands-free cleaning experience. With its ability to tackle dirt, debris, and even mopping tasks, the Deebot N8 Pro+ is an investment in a cleaner, more comfortable home environment.

roborock S7+ Robot Vacuum and Sonic Mop with Self-Empty Dock, Stores up to 60-Days of Dust, Auto Lifting Mop, Ultrasonic Carpet Detection, 2500Pa Suction, Black

Effortless Cleaning at Its Best: Introducing the Roborock S7+ Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum and Sonic Mop

Revolutionize your cleaning routine with the cutting-edge Roborock S7+ Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum and Sonic Mop. This sleek and advanced cleaning companion takes automation to the next level, ensuring your floors are spotless without the hassle. Designed to make your life easier, the Roborock S7+ boasts an array of features that set it apart from traditional robot vacuums.

Say goodbye to constant emptying of the dustbin – the Self-Empty Dock support ensures that the robot automatically disposes of collected dirt after each cleaning session, granting you up to 8 weeks of maintenance-free operation. Powered by Sonic Vibration Technology, the sonic floor mopping system scrubs at an astonishing rate of 3,000 times per minute, effectively removing even the most stubborn dried-on grime, from spilled coffee to tracked-in mud.

Experience the convenience of auto-lifting mop functionality, which delicately raises the mop when encountering carpets, preventing unnecessary wetting while maintaining thorough cleanliness. The Ultrasonic Carpet Detection feature provides customization options, allowing you to decide how your S7+ handles carpets – be it by lifting the mop or engaging in wet mopping. Additionally, the Boost mode enhances suction power when the device detects carpets, ensuring a deep and effective clean.

Equipped with a Multi-Layer Air Filtration system, the Roborock S7+ ensures that particles as small as 0.3 microns are captured and contained within the dock, maintaining indoor air quality. The LiDAR Navigation with Adaptive Route Algorithms guarantees precise mapping of your home and the most efficient cleaning paths, adapting and improving with every session. The 2500Pa HyperForce suction effortlessly lifts dirt from various surfaces, including floors, cracks, and carpets, leaving no trace behind.

Product Specifications:

  • Self-Empty Dock Support: Up to 8 weeks of automatic dirt disposal
  • Sonic Vibration Technology: 3,000 scrubs per minute for thorough mopping
  • Auto-Lifting Convenience: Prevents mop from wetting carpets
  • Ultrasonic Carpet Detection: Customized carpet handling options
  • Multi-Layer Air Filtration: Captures particles as small as 0.3 microns
  • LiDAR Navigation with Adaptive Route Algorithms: Precise mapping and efficient cleaning paths
  • 2500Pa HyperForce Suction: Powerful dirt pickup from multiple surfaces


  • Self-emptying feature reduces maintenance
  • Sonic vibration technology ensures thorough mopping
  • Carpet detection and customization options
  • Multi-layer air filtration for improved indoor air quality
  • Precision LiDAR navigation for efficient cleaning
  • Powerful suction for comprehensive dirt removal


  • Premium price point
  • May not work well on very dark-colored carpets

Why People Buy It: The Roborock S7+ offers a level of convenience and cleaning performance that makes it a game-changer for busy individuals and households. With its self-emptying dock, advanced mopping technology, customizable carpet handling, and powerful suction, users can enjoy cleaner floors without the hassle of constant maintenance. The precision navigation and adaptability of the device make it a reliable companion in maintaining a tidy home.

Conclusion: Incorporating state-of-the-art technology and thoughtful design, the Roborock S7+ Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum and Sonic Mop streamlines your cleaning routine and ensures remarkable results. With features like self-emptying, sonic mopping, customized carpet handling, and efficient navigation, it stands as a testament to convenience and innovation. Elevate your home cleaning experience with the Roborock S7+ and enjoy cleaner, fresher floors without the effort.

ECOVACS Deebot T8 AIVI Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Vacumming and Mopping in One-Go, Laser Mapping, Smart AI Object Recognition, On-Demand Live Video, Custom Clean, 3+ Hours of Runtime

ECOVACS Deebot T8 AIVI: Ultimate Robot Vacuum and Mop Hybrid

The ECOVACS Deebot T8 AIVI Robot Vacuum Cleaner takes the chore of cleaning to an entirely new level. With its innovative features and cutting-edge technology, this intelligent cleaning companion offers a seamless solution for maintaining your home’s cleanliness and hygiene. Designed to revolutionize your cleaning routine, the Deebot T8 AIVI combines powerful vacuuming and efficient mopping, all while boasting advanced AI object recognition, on-demand live video streaming, precision laser mapping, and customizable cleaning options. This robotic marvel presents an unparalleled blend of convenience, intelligence, and performance.

Product Specifications:

  • Cleaning Modes: Simultaneous vacuuming and mopping, vacuum-only, mop-only
  • Water Tank Capacity: 240ml
  • AI Object Recognition: AIVI Technology
  • Live Video Streaming: HD quality via app
  • Mapping Technology: True Mapping with precision laser and dTOF sensors
  • Battery Capacity: 5200 mAh
  • Runtime: Up to 3 hours
  • Coverage Area: Up to 3,200 sq. ft.
  • App Control: ECOVACS App with custom cleaning options and no-go zones
  • Pros:
    1. Simultaneous vacuuming and mopping for comprehensive cleaning.
    2. Advanced AI technology recognizes and avoids obstacles.
    3. On-demand live video streaming provides enhanced monitoring.
    4. Precision laser mapping ensures thorough coverage and efficiency.
    5. Customizable cleaning settings for different areas and needs.
    6. Long battery life and large coverage area for extended cleaning.
  • Cons:
    1. Premium price point.
    2. Some users might require time to fully utilize advanced features.

Why People Buy It: The ECOVACS Deebot T8 AIVI Robot Vacuum Cleaner stands as the ultimate cleaning assistant for modern households. People choose this product for its ability to simultaneously vacuum and mop, effectively tackling two cleaning tasks in one go. The AI object recognition technology saves time and effort by intelligently avoiding obstacles, ensuring uninterrupted cleaning sessions. The on-demand live video feature adds an extra layer of security and convenience, allowing users to monitor their homes remotely. With precision laser mapping, customizable cleaning options, and an impressive battery life, the Deebot T8 AIVI provides an unmatched cleaning experience, making it a must-have for those seeking convenience, efficiency, and cleanliness in their homes.

Conclusion: In a world where technology is transforming every aspect of our lives, the ECOVACS Deebot T8 AIVI Robot Vacuum Cleaner emerges as a game-changer in the realm of household cleaning. With its multifunctional capabilities, intelligent AI recognition, live video streaming, and precision mapping, this advanced cleaning companion redefines convenience and efficiency. Whether you’re a busy professional, a meticulous homeowner, or someone who simply values a clean and tidy living space, the Deebot T8 AIVI offers an innovative solution that adapts to your lifestyle, ensuring your home remains pristine without the hassle. Embrace the future of cleaning with the Deebot T8 AIVI—a technological marvel designed to simplify and elevate your everyday life.

Bissell SpinWave Hard Floor Expert Pet Robot, 2-in-1 Wet Mop and Dry Robot Vacuum, WiFi Connected with Structured Navigation, 3115

Bissell SpinWave 3115: 2-in-1 Pet-Friendly Robot Vacuum and Wet Mop

The Bissell SpinWave 3115 is a remarkable addition to the world of home cleaning, combining cutting-edge technology with pet-friendly features. With every purchase, you’re not only investing in a cleaner home but also supporting the BISSELL Pet Foundation’s noble mission to rescue and care for homeless pets.

Designed for hard floors, this 2-in-1 robot boasts the convenience of both vacuuming and mopping, ensuring a thorough and hygienic cleaning process. Its unique Two Tank Cleaning System allows you to effortlessly switch between vacuuming and mopping modes, providing optimal cleaning performance for every situation.

When in vacuum mode, the Triple Action Cleaning System takes charge, utilizing dual spinning edge brushes, a rotating brush roll, and powerful suction (up to 1500 Pa) to effectively capture debris from both carpets and hard surfaces. Transitioning to mop mode, the rotating mop pads diligently scrub and clean various sealed hard floors, including wood, tile, and linoleum, leaving them spotless and gleaming.

Equipped with a Soft Surface Avoidance Sensor, this smart robot automatically detects carpets and area rugs while in mop mode, ensuring it sticks to the hard floors. Moreover, the package includes a specially formulated Wood Floor Formula, giving your floors that coveted natural shine and revitalized look.

Included in the box are the Two Tank Cleaning System, a set of Hard Floor Expert Mop Pads, replacement filters, edge cleaning brushes, and a trial-size bottle of the Wood Floor Formula. This comprehensive package equips you with everything you need to maintain your floors in pristine condition.

Product Specifications:

  • Model: Bissell SpinWave 3115
  • Cleaning Modes: Vacuum, Mop
  • Cleaning System: Triple Action Cleaning System
  • Suction Power: Up to 1500 Pa
  • Special Feature: Soft Surface Avoidance Sensor
  • Included: Two Tank Cleaning System, Hard Floor Expert Mop Pads, replacement filters, edge cleaning brushes, trial-size Wood Floor Formula


  • 2-in-1 functionality for vacuuming and mopping
  • Triple Action Cleaning System for thorough debris removal
  • Soft Surface Avoidance Sensor for seamless transition between surfaces
  • Pet-friendly design and supports BISSELL Pet Foundation
  • Specially formulated Wood Floor Formula for enhanced floor shine
  • WiFi connected with structured navigation for efficient cleaning


  • Primarily designed for hard floors, may not be suitable for high-pile carpets

Why People Buy It: People opt for the Bissell SpinWave 3115 due to its versatile cleaning capabilities that encompass both vacuuming and mopping. Its advanced features, such as the Triple Action Cleaning System, Soft Surface Avoidance Sensor, and pet-friendly design, cater to the specific needs of busy households with pets. Additionally, the support it provides to the BISSELL Pet Foundation resonates with those who value socially responsible purchasing.

Conclusion: In the realm of modern cleaning solutions, the Bissell SpinWave 3115 stands out as an exceptional robot that efficiently vacuums and mops hard floors. With its innovative technology, pet-friendly features, and commitment to making a positive impact on pet welfare, this robot is more than just a cleaning tool – it’s a way to contribute to a cleaner home and a brighter future for homeless pets.

Shark RV1001AE IQ Robot Self-Empty XL, Robot Vacuum with IQ Navigation, Home Mapping, Self-Cleaning Brushroll, Wi-Fi Connected, Works with Alexa, Black

Shark RV1001AE IQ Robot Self-Empty XL: A Powerful and Convenient Cleaning Solution

The Shark RV1001AE IQ Robot Self-Empty XL is the pinnacle of modern home cleaning technology. Say goodbye to the hassle of constant vacuuming and the need to empty your vacuum’s dustbin regularly. This robot vacuum takes automation to the next level with its self-emptying base that can hold up to 45 days’ worth of dirt and debris. This bagless base eliminates the need for purchasing disposal bags, unlike traditional auto-emptying robots.

Equipped with powerful suction, the Shark IQ Robot tackles all types of messes, from large debris to small particles and pesky pet hair, leaving your carpets and floors immaculately clean. The self-cleaning brushroll is a game-changer, delving deep into carpets while also gently engaging hardwood floors to lift up debris, hair, and dirt from all surfaces in your home. Engineered with anti-hair wrap technology, it efficiently handles hair tangles, ensuring uninterrupted cleaning.

Control is at your fingertips with the SharkClean app or voice commands through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Schedule comprehensive whole-home cleanings or specify particular rooms or areas to clean right now. The total home mapping feature offers an accurate layout of your living space, allowing you to choose which rooms to prioritize. The robot follows a methodical row-by-row cleaning approach, ensuring complete coverage of your home, and it seamlessly navigates between rooms. If the cleaning session is interrupted, no worries – the Shark IQ Robot returns to its dock, recharges, and resumes cleaning from where it left off.

Product Specifications:

  • Model: Shark RV1001AE IQ Robot Self-Empty XL
  • Color: Black
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: Yes
  • Voice Control: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
  • Self-Cleaning Brushroll: Yes
  • Total Home Mapping: Yes
  • Recharge and Resume: Yes
  • Cleaning Method: Row-by-Row
  • Compatibility: Carpets and Hardwood Floors


  • Self-emptying base holds up to 45 days of debris
  • Powerful suction for thorough cleaning
  • Self-cleaning brushroll tackles hair and debris effectively
  • Total home mapping and room selection for personalized cleaning
  • Methodical row-by-row cleaning ensures no spot is missed
  • Recharge and resume feature for uninterrupted cleaning sessions


  • Premium pricing compared to traditional vacuum cleaners
  • Requires initial setup and mapping for optimal performance

Why People Buy It: People invest in the Shark RV1001AE IQ Robot Self-Empty XL because it represents the epitome of convenience and efficiency in home cleaning. The ability to empty itself for up to 45 days means less frequent maintenance, and the powerful cleaning capabilities, including the self-cleaning brushroll, ensure a pristine environment. The convenience of app control and voice commands, coupled with total home mapping, offers a tailored cleaning experience. The robot’s ability to methodically clean row by row and continue cleaning after recharging showcases its advanced technology, making it a must-have for those seeking a hassle-free cleaning solution.

Conclusion: The Shark RV1001AE IQ Robot Self-Empty XL stands as a testament to innovation in home cleaning. With its powerful features like the self-emptying base, deep-cleaning suction, and intelligent navigation, it revolutionizes the way we maintain our living spaces. Offering a remarkable blend of convenience, efficiency, and technology, this robot vacuum is a game-changer for anyone looking to elevate their cleaning routine and reclaim precious time for more enjoyable pursuits.

Key Features to Look for in a Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair:

Suction Power:

When dealing with pet hair, strong suction is essential. Look for robot vacuums with high suction power to effectively pick up even the most stubborn pet hair from carpets, rugs, and hard floors.

Brush Roll Design:

Robot vacuums with tangle-free brush rolls are ideal for pet hair. These brushes prevent hair from getting tangled and ensure continuous, hassle-free cleaning.

Filtration System:

A good filtration system is crucial, especially if you or your family members have allergies. Advanced filtration technology traps pet dander and allergens, improving the air quality in your home.

Navigation and Mapping:

Opt for robot vacuums equipped with smart navigation and mapping features. These vacuums can intelligently navigate around obstacles, avoid falling down stairs, and create efficient cleaning paths.

Pros and Cons of Using Robot Vacuums for Pet Hair:


  • Time-saving: Robot vacuums automate the cleaning process, saving you time and effort.
  • Effective pet hair removal: The strong suction and brush roll design efficiently remove pet hair.
  • Smart scheduling: You can set cleaning schedules according to your preferences.
  • Smart home integration: Some models can be controlled through voice commands or smartphone apps.


  • Initial investment: Robot vacuums can be more expensive than traditional vacuums.
  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance is required to keep the robot vacuum running optimally.

Tips for Maintaining Your Robot Vacuum:

  1. Regularly empty the dustbin to prevent clogs and ensure efficient cleaning.
  2. Clean the brush roll and filters to maintain strong suction and prevent blockages.
  3. Check for any debris or obstacles in the robot vacuum’s path to ensure smooth navigation.
  4. Keep the charging station accessible and clear of clutter.


Investing in the best robot vacuum for pet hair can be a game-changer for pet owners. These intelligent machines offer convenience, efficiency, and relief from the constant battle against pet hair. With features like strong suction power, tangle-free brush rolls, advanced filtration, and smart navigation, these robot vacuums are tailor-made for pet-loving homes.

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