5 Best Standing Desk Converters: Ultimate Buying Guide for Your Office

by Kathy hensley

In today’s fast-paced world, more and more people are spending prolonged hours at their desks, leading to concerns about sedentary lifestyles and its associated health risks. As a result, the popularity of standing desks and standing desk converters has surged. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using a standing desk converter, how to choose the best one, and provide you with a list of the top standing desk converters of 2023.

SHW 36-Inch Height Adjustable Standing Desk Sit to Stand Riser Converter Workstation, Black

SHW 36-Inch Height Adjustable Standing Desk Sit to Stand Riser Converter Workstation, Black

The SHW 36-Inch Height Adjustable Standing Desk Sit to Stand Riser Converter Workstation in sleek black is a perfect addition to your workspace. This versatile workstation allows you to effortlessly transition between sitting and standing positions, promoting a healthier and more productive workday.

Crafted with a sturdy and ergonomic design, this standing desk ensures stability and durability. The solid structure of the desk riser keeps it steady, providing a reliable platform for your work setup. With a generous 36-inch wide desktop, it offers ample space for multiple monitors, making it ideal for those who rely on dual screens for their tasks.

The height-adjustable feature of this desk enables you to customize the perfect working height to match your preferences and needs. The adjustable range spans from 4 inches to 16 inches, accommodating various users and ensuring ergonomic comfort throughout the day.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 36″ W x 24″ D x 4″- 16″ H
  • Color: Black
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 30 lbs
  • Patent No: US D901959


  1. Promotes healthier work habits by allowing easy switching between sitting and standing positions.
  2. Sturdy and ergonomic design ensures stability and comfort during work hours.
  3. Spacious 36-inch wide desktop offers ample space for dual monitors or other work essentials.
  4. Simple and sleek black design complements any office or home workspace.
  5. Height adjustable feature accommodates different user preferences and body heights.
  6. Easy to assemble and use, no complex installation required.
  7. Patent protection ensures you’re getting a unique and original product.


  1. Maximum weight capacity may not be suitable for heavy setups with multiple large monitors.
  2. The height adjustment mechanism may require occasional maintenance to ensure smooth operation.

Why People Buy It: The SHW 36-Inch Height Adjustable Standing Desk Sit to Stand Riser Converter Workstation is a popular choice for individuals who value their health and productivity. The ability to effortlessly switch between sitting and standing positions allows users to avoid the negative effects of prolonged sitting while maintaining their focus and energy levels. The spacious desktop accommodates multiple monitors, making it highly appealing for professionals who require a dual-screen setup for their work tasks. Additionally, the solid structure and ergonomic design ensure that users feel secure and comfortable while working for extended periods.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the SHW 36-Inch Height Adjustable Standing Desk Sit to Stand Riser Converter Workstation in black is a fantastic investment for anyone seeking to improve their work habits and overall well-being. Its easy transition between sitting and standing positions, sturdy structure, and ample desktop space make it a practical and versatile addition to any office or home workspace. Embrace the benefits of ergonomic comfort and increased productivity with this exceptional standing desk converter.

FEZIBO Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter, 30 Inches Desk Riser, Sit Stand Desk Ergonomic Tabletop Workstation Rustic Brown

FEZIBO Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter - Trusted Ergonomic Workstation

The FEZIBO Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter is a reliable and ergonomic solution designed to enhance your work experience at home or in the office. With three years of continuous improvement, FEZIBO ensures a trustworthy product that caters to both comfort and quality.

The standout feature of this desk converter is its adjustable lift mechanism. Powered by a pneumatic spring, it allows you to effortlessly transition between sitting and standing positions, promoting a healthier and more ergonomic posture while working. Say goodbye to discomfort and back pain caused by prolonged sitting!

The double layer office space design of the Computer Workstation H Series sets it apart from traditional desk risers. The frosted desktop adds a touch of elegance while providing a smooth surface for your essentials, and the low keyboard tray ensures your wrists stay comfortable during long typing sessions. This thoughtful design significantly improves your overall office experience.

Installation is a breeze with the FEZIBO Standing Desk Converter. The package includes a detailed installation manual and an accurate installation video guide to walk you through the process. Embedded screw hole locations and the provided installation tools further simplify the setup, ensuring you can get your workstation up and running in no time.

FEZIBO takes customer support seriously, promising to provide friendly technical assistance to address any installation or usage queries you may have. Their dedicated team is always ready to solve your problems and ensure you have a seamless experience with their product.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: FEZIBO
  • Color: Rustic Brown
  • Desk Dimensions: 30 inches
  • Lift Mechanism: Pneumatic Spring
  • Office Space: Double Layer (Frosted Desktop and Low Keyboard Tray)


  1. Trustworthy and reliable product with three years of iteration
  2. Easy and smooth height adjustment from sitting to standing positions
  3. Thoughtful double-layer design for enhanced comfort and organization
  4. Straightforward and convenient installation process
  5. Friendly technical support for all customer queries


  1. Some users might prefer more color options for personalization.

Why People Buy It: People choose the FEZIBO Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter for various reasons. The most compelling factors include its reputation for reliability, ergonomic benefits, and the innovative double-layer office space design. Additionally, the convenient installation process and the assurance of responsive technical support make it a preferred choice for those seeking a comfortable and efficient workspace.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the FEZIBO Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter is an excellent investment for anyone looking to improve their work environment. Its trustworthy build, easy height adjustment, and ergonomic design set it apart from traditional desk risers. With the convenience of installation and reliable technical support, this desk converter offers a comprehensive solution to enhance your productivity and well-being at work. Say hello to a more comfortable and efficient workday with FEZIBO!

Rocelco 46" Large Height Adjustable Desk Converter, Sit Stand Up Triple Monitor Computer Workstation Riser, Retractable Keyboard Tray, includes Dual Screen Mount (R DADRB-46-DM2), Black

Rocelco 46" Large Height Adjustable Desk Converter

The Rocelco 46″ Large Height Adjustable Desk Converter is the perfect solution for those seeking a versatile workstation that encourages a healthy balance between sitting and standing while enhancing productivity. This bundle includes the R DADRB-46 standing desk converter and the R DM2 Double Monitor Arm, making it an all-in-one solution for a comfortable and ergonomic work setup.

The desk converter boasts an extra-large work surface, measuring 45.75″ wide by 23.25″ deep, providing ample space for up to three medium-sized monitors or two large monitors. The retractable keyboard tray, measuring 25.75″ wide by 11.25″ deep, ensures there is sufficient room for your keyboard and mouse, maintaining a 4.5″ spacing from the desktop. This ergonomic design promotes a natural wrist position and reduces strain on your arms and back, whether you’re sitting or standing.

Achieving your desired height is quick and easy, thanks to the EVR Enhanced Vertical Range design. The sturdy metal frame, equipped with an easy-grip side handle and gas piston assist, allows for continuous height adjustment from 5″ up to 20″ above the desktop. With a weight capacity of 45 pounds, you can confidently place multiple monitors and other essential work equipment on the desk converter.

The R DM2 Dual Monitor Mount included in this bundle provides added flexibility. Designed with a grommet hole mounting application, it offers a secure and adjustable setup for your monitors. The mount is licensed under various U.S. and foreign patents, ensuring top-notch quality and reliability.

Product Specifications:

  • Model: R DADRB-46-DM2
  • Color: Black
  • Work Surface Dimensions: 45.75″ W x 23.25″ D
  • Keyboard Tray Dimensions: 25.75″ W x 11.25″ D
  • Height Adjustment Range: 5″ to 20″ above desktop
  • Weight Capacity: 45 pounds
  • Dual Monitor Mount: Yes
  • Monitor Mount Patent: U.S. Patent Nos. 9,113,703, 9,277,809, 9,554,644, 9,924,793, and others pending/issued
  • Material: Metal frame with durable components


  • Spacious work surface for multiple monitors
  • Retractable keyboard tray for an ergonomic typing position
  • Smooth and stable height adjustment
  • Dual monitor mount for added flexibility
  • High-quality construction and patented design


  • Some users may find the initial assembly time-consuming

Why People Buy It:

The Rocelco 46″ Large Height Adjustable Desk Converter appeals to individuals who value their health and productivity. It is ideal for anyone seeking a spacious and ergonomic workstation to accommodate multiple monitors or a laptop setup. The easy height adjustment and the inclusion of the dual monitor mount provide the flexibility needed to create a personalized and comfortable work environment.


The Rocelco 46″ Large Height Adjustable Desk Converter offers an excellent solution for those who wish to enhance their workspace ergonomics and productivity. With its generous work surface, retractable keyboard tray, and EVR Enhanced Vertical Range design, this desk converter ensures a comfortable and customizable setup for both sitting and standing positions. The added bonus of the Dual Monitor Mount further enhances its value, making it a popular choice for those seeking an all-in-one ergonomic workstation solution. Embrace the benefits of a healthy work routine with the Rocelco 46″ Large Height Adjustable Desk Converter.

Mount-It! Standing Desk Converter with Bonus Dual Monitor Mount Included - Height Adjustable Stand Up Desk - Wide 36 Inch Sit Stand Workstation with Gas Spring Lift– Black (MI-7934)

Mount-It! Standing Desk Converter - Height Adjustable Sit Stand Workstation with Dual Monitor Mount

The Mount-It! Standing Desk Converter with Bonus Dual Monitor Mount is a game-changer for your work setup. Say goodbye to long hours of sitting and hello to a healthier and more productive workday. This standing desk converter allows you to effortlessly switch between sitting and standing positions, thanks to its smooth gas spring lift mechanism.

With a generous top surface measuring 36” x 22.5”, you’ll have plenty of space to accommodate a single monitor, dual monitors, or a laptop and monitor combination. The ergonomic keyboard tray enhances your typing and working experience, providing a comfortable setup for your keyboard and mouse.

Setting up the standing desk is a breeze – simply unbox it and attach the keyboard tray using the included hardware. Plus, Mount-It! has thoughtfully included a bonus dual monitor mount, saving you the trouble of purchasing one separately.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Mount-It!
  • Model: MI-7934
  • Color: Black
  • Height Range: 6.25″ to 16.5″
  • Top Surface Dimensions: 36” x 22.5”
  • Monitor Mount: Dual Monitor (included)
  • Keyboard Tray: Ergonomic design, spacious
  • Mechanism: Gas Spring Lift
  • Setup: Easy and quick
  • Base: C-clamp for monitor mount attachment


  • Smooth height adjustment with gas spring mechanism
  • Includes bonus dual monitor mount for added value
  • Promotes healthier work habits with sit-stand functionality
  • Ample space for multiple monitor setups
  • Ergonomic keyboard tray for comfortable typing
  • Easy setup and installation


  • Some users may prefer more color options
  • The gas spring lift might require occasional maintenance

Why People Buy It: People love the Mount-It! Standing Desk Converter for its ease of use and ergonomic benefits. The effortless height adjustment lets users find their perfect standing or sitting position quickly. The included dual monitor mount is a big plus, providing added convenience and cost savings. The spacious desktop and ergonomic keyboard tray offer comfort and enhance productivity, making it an attractive option for those seeking to improve their work environment.

Conclusion: The Mount-It! Standing Desk Converter with Bonus Dual Monitor Mount is a reliable and practical solution for anyone looking to upgrade their workspace. Its easy height adjustment, spacious desktop, and ergonomic design make it a popular choice among those who want to incorporate sit-stand functionality into their daily routine. With the bonus dual monitor mount included, it offers exceptional value for money. Embrace a healthier and more productive work style with this feature-packed standing desk converter from Mount-It!.

Stand Steady Flexpro Power 36 Inch Electric Standing Desk - Electric Height Adjustable Stand up Desk by Award Winning Holds 2 Monitors (Black) (36")

Stand Steady Flexpro Power 36 Inch Electric Standing Desk - A Versatile and Efficient Standing Solution!

The Stand Steady Flexpro Power 36 Inch Electric Standing Desk is a remarkable addition to any workspace, providing an efficient and comfortable way to work while promoting a healthier lifestyle. With its electric height-adjustable feature, this desk allows you to effortlessly switch between sitting and standing positions with just the push of a button.

The desk comes with two large surfaces, providing ample space for your keyboard, mouse, documents, and not one, but two monitors! This ergonomic design ensures that you can work comfortably without cluttering your workspace. The monitor level allows you to align your screens at eye level, reducing strain on your neck and eyes, while the keyboard level provides a perfect reach for typing.

Powered by a quiet and secure power lift technology, the desk’s smooth transition from sitting to standing positions (and vice versa) is almost noiseless. Say goodbye to the jerky and clunky movements of manual standing desks! This electric standing desk provides you with a seamless experience that won’t disturb your colleagues or disrupt your focus.

One of the most significant advantages of the Stand Steady Flexpro Power desk is that it comes fully assembled. No more struggling with complicated setup instructions or spending hours trying to figure out which screw goes where. Simply open the box, plug it in, and you are ready to STAND! The convenience of a pre-assembled desk allows you to start experiencing the benefits of standing while working immediately.

For those who prefer to see it in action before making a purchase, there is a video available showcasing the desk’s features. The video can be found under the pictures, giving you a clear idea of how the desk operates and how it can enhance your work routine.

Product Specifications:

  • Desk Dimensions: 36 inches (width) x (depth)
  • Height Range: Lowest height sits flat; Adjusts up to 19.5 inches (approximately)
  • Color: Black
  • Number of Surfaces: 2 (Keyboard level and Monitor level)
  • Weight Capacity: Capable of holding 2 monitors, keyboard, mouse, and more
  • Power Source: Electric


  • Electric height adjustment for seamless transition between sitting and standing.
  • Spacious design to accommodate two monitors, keyboard, and other accessories.
  • Quiet and secure power lift technology for smooth adjustments.
  • Fully assembled for immediate use.
  • Ergonomic benefits to improve posture and reduce strain.
  • Video demonstration available for better understanding.


  • Limited color options (currently available only in black).

Why People Buy It: The Stand Steady Flexpro Power 36 Inch Electric Standing Desk is a popular choice among professionals seeking an ergonomic and versatile solution for their workspace. People buy it for its hassle-free electric height adjustment, spacious design, and the convenience of arriving fully assembled. The desk’s ability to promote a healthier work routine by encouraging standing and reducing sedentary behavior is another compelling reason why people opt for this product.

Conclusion: The Stand Steady Flexpro Power 36 Inch Electric Standing Desk is an award-winning, reliable, and efficient standing solution for modern workspaces. With its electric height adjustment, spacious surfaces, and quiet power lift technology, it enhances productivity and well-being while making the transition between sitting and standing effortless. This fully assembled standing desk is an excellent investment for anyone seeking a healthier and more comfortable work environment. Say goodbye to the constraints of a traditional desk and embrace the dynamic and energizing experience of the Stand Steady Flexpro Power Electric Standing Desk!

What is a Standing Desk Converter?

A standing desk converter is a height-adjustable platform that sits on top of a regular desk, allowing users to switch between sitting and standing positions easily. With a standing desk converter, you can transform your traditional desk into a dynamic workstation that promotes better posture and overall well-being.

Benefits of Using a Standing Desk Converter

Improved Posture and Reduced Back Pain: One of the key benefits of using a standing desk converter is the potential to improve your posture. Sitting for extended periods can lead to slouching and back pain, but a standing desk converter encourages you to maintain an upright position.

Increased Energy and Productivity: Many users report feeling more energized and focused when using a standing desk converter. The ability to stand and move around while working can boost circulation and prevent the afternoon slump.

Burn More Calories: Standing burns more calories than sitting, albeit not a significant amount. However, over time, those extra calories burned can add up and contribute to weight management.

How to Choose the Best Standing Desk Converter

When selecting a standing desk converter that suits your needs, consider the following factors:

Height Adjustability: Look for a converter that has a wide range of height adjustments to accommodate users of different heights and allow for smooth transitions between sitting and standing.

Sturdiness and Weight Capacity: The converter should be stable and able to support the weight of your computer setup and any other items you might have on your desk.

Desktop Size and Space: Ensure that the platform is large enough to hold your monitor, keyboard, mouse, and other accessories comfortably.

Ease of Use and Assembly: Opt for a converter that is easy to operate and doesn’t require complicated assembly.

Additional Features: Some converters come with extra features such as built-in cable management or device charging ports. Assess which features are essential for your setup.

DIY Standing Desk Converter Ideas

If you’re on a budget or enjoy DIY projects, here are some creative ideas for making your own standing desk converter:

Using Stackable Boxes or Books: Stack sturdy boxes or books to create different height levels for your monitor and keyboard.

Repurposing Old Furniture: Convert an old dresser or shelf into a standing desk by adding a raised platform for your computer.

PVC Pipe Converter: Construct a simple standing desk converter using PVC pipes and fittings.

Tips for Setting Up Your Standing Desk Converter

To make the most of your standing desk converter, follow these tips:

Adjusting the Height: Position the converter at elbow height so that your arms form a 90-degree angle when typing.

Positioning the Monitor: Your monitor should be at eye level, with the top of the screen just below eye level to avoid neck strain.

Adding Anti-Fatigue Mats: Standing on anti-fatigue mats can help reduce discomfort during prolonged standing sessions.

Standing Desk Converter vs. Full Standing Desk

Both standing desk converters and full standing desks have their advantages and disadvantages. Consider the following:

Pros of Standing Desk Converters: They are more affordable, easy to move or adjust, and don’t require a complete desk replacement.

Cons of Standing Desk Converters: Limited workspace, may not offer enough height adjustability for very tall individuals.

Pros of Full Standing Desks: More workspace, better height adjustability, and typically sturdier than converters.

Cons of Full Standing Desks: More expensive, may require more space, and not as easily adjustable.

Which Option is Right for You?

The best option depends on your preferences, budget, and available workspace. If you already have a suitable desk and want a cost-effective solution, a standing desk converter might be the way to go. On the other hand, if you have the budget and need a larger workspace, a full standing desk could be a better choice.


Investing in a high-quality standing desk converter can positively impact your work life and overall health. By providing the flexibility to alternate between sitting and standing, these converters encourage better posture, increased energy levels, and improved productivity. Remember to choose a converter that meets your specific needs and preferences to enjoy all the benefits it offers.

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